Cast List

This is the place for cast lists and rosters.

Cast list (PDF) – This list includes the songs that each person is in. [Revised: November 21, 2019]

Cast list by Parts (PDF) – The cast list sorted by the name of parts. [Revised: November 21, 2019]

Scrooge Chorus (PDF) – The list of people in the Scrooge Chorus. First rehearsal is December 1. [Revised: November 12, 2019]

Cast list for Ring the Bells (PDF) – Who is in Ring the Bells. Also indicates Entry Group and Position Group. [Revised: November 19, 2019]

Cast list for People (PDF) – Who is in People. [Revised: November 19, 2019]

Cast list for the Schoolroom scene (PDF) – Who is in the Schoolroom scene? This is where most of our Faith Kids appear. [Revised: September 28, 2019]

Cast list for Celebrate (PDF) – Who is in Celebrate?
Celebrators = The list of Celebrators who will be doing the choreography during Celebrate. [Revised: November 5, 2019]

Cast list for Thank You Very Much (PDF) – Who is in Thank You Very Much? [Revised: November 21, 2019]

Cast list for Whaddaya Say (PDF) – everyone is in this song, but this list shows Group #’s and Entry letters. [updated: November 19, 2019]

Information and news for Scrooge cast and support personnel